Why is having good credit important?

I get asked this question a lot and the real simple answer is… because.

Because, having good credit affects many aspects of your life.  Have you ever bought a car? Well, if you finance it, the best credit owners get single digit interest rates.  The worst – high double digit rates.  What does this mean? It means you cannot get into a more expensive car because the higher the rate, the higher the payment and you are also paying more than you have to.

Now, go and try and get your car insurance for this same scenario.  The lower your credit score, the more risk you are posed to be and the higher your insurance rates are.

Have you tried renting a home or apartment, only to be beat out of it by someone else? That is probably because the other person had better credit than you.  The owner of the property is looking for the most secure and trustworthy person, and someone who has good credit is given more opportunities.

Have you tried applying for a credit card or personal loan? The lower your credit score, the higher that interest rate will be.  If you can pay 5% versus 19%, which would you choose? The lower one of course! However, if you do not manage your credit, the credit card companies will never give you credit with the lower interest rates.

The reason I bring these scenarios up to you, is so you start to learn that your credit is your key to your financial future. We all have a financial future. The question is will it be one paying the lowest amount or the most?

Your credit score is based on your past financial responsibilities and past payments and credit, and it provides potential lenders with a quick snapshot of your current financial state and past repayment habits.

Our company has the easiest and most effective credit repair system to help you challenge the bad things on your credit report.  Once you get enrolled, we will pull your credit, review and highlight the items that need challenged. We then write the letters to the credit reporting agencies for you. All you must do is sign them and mail them out.  By doing this, the credit companies are legally required to remove any item that is not verified by the creditor within 30 days.  This way, if you do fight something wrong and the company DID make a mistake then they do not usually respond. And with the millions of requests and records every day these companies many times do not reply in time, benefiting you.  Then, every month your credit report will be reviewed, and new letters will be sent to you. This process will allow for you credit score to start rising as the negative items are removed from your credit file.

In addition, you can use the incredible debt reduction tool included in our program that allows you to enter all of your debts, and it tells you what to pay every month to eliminate your debt in the fastest possible manner.  In addition, we provide you with credit and identity monitoring, and you can easily protect yourself and family by creating a will using our system.

For less than the price of a cup of coffee a day, you will now have a company who cares about you and will help you achieve your goals.

All it takes is for you to click the link and get started today!

Get Control and start living life the way you deserve to.

Best Regards,

Jim Beck

Licensed Real Estate Associate

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